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Our Scenic 4WD Tours offer you the opportunity to experience The Outstanding Natural Landscapes of The Mackenzie Country, accessed through private High Country Stations surrounding Lake Tekapo.


Cass Valley Backcountry Tour

Price $229 4 Hours
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Cass Valley Backcountry Tour

$229 per person

A true backcountry Scenic 4WD Tour through the high country wilderness of The Cass Valley. Breathtaking landscapes are on offer by travelling through Glenmore Station, one of New Zealand’s finest Merino wool providers and incredible High Country Stations. Private access to Glenmore Station offers remote access to the remarkable wilderness of The Cass Valley. Journey on an incredible Mackenzie High Country experience by scenic 4WD tour into Lake Tekapo’s inspiring backcountry beauty. Towering mountains, glaciers, river crossings and outstanding landscapes are accessed through this wonderful Tekapo tour into The Mackenzie Country’s isolated wilderness.

  • Private access to some of New Zealand’s most beautiful High Country
  • Remote Backcountry Scenic 4WD Tour Of Glenmore Station & The Cass Valley Wilderness
  • Experience stunning Natural Landscapes Unique to The Mackenzie Country
  • Glenmore Station Farm Tour
  • View Merino Sheep, Big Horned Rams, Angus Cattle, Red Deer
  • River & Stream crossings
  • Explore a backcountry hut
  • View waterfalls, glaciers, moraines, big mountains
  • Chance to view endangered wading birds such as Banded Dotterels, Black Stilts, Wry Bill, & other species
  • Learn about the unique outstanding landscapes within The Cass Valley
  • Refreshments and home made snacks
  • Duration
    4 Hours
  • Departure
    AOTEA GIFTS | Tekapo Township
  • Departure Time
    This Tour runs from December 1st - June 1
  • Dress Code
    Casual, Comfortable, Stable Footwear, Warm Jacket, Hat, Sunglasses, Camera
  • Included
    Educational Tour
    Light Refreshment
    Light Snack
  • Not Included
  • Tour Notes
    There will be opportunities for photos and breathtaking vistas to enjoy. Light walking to close proximity viewpoints for photos, so stable footwear is recommended.
About Glenmore Station & The Cass Valley

Glenmore Station is an Iconic New Zealand High Country Sheep Station In the heart of the South Island’s Mackenzie Country. Glenmore is situated on the Western shores of Lake Tekapo, and runs deep into the Cass Valley wilderness, bordered to the West by the Lieberg Range. Will & Emily Murray are the 4th generation of the Pioneer Murrays to run this beautiful station which has been farming Merino Sheep since 1912. Its stunning 19,000 hectares in size, is home to 10,000 Merino Sheep, Merino Studs, Angus Cattle and Red Deer.

This breathtaking High Country has been recognised for supplying the World with some of the finest Merino Wool on offer, including the supply to the famous “Icebreaker” Brand since the start. With more than 19 years of continued Merino Wool supplying, this station encompasses New Zealand at heart in many ways. Glenmore Station also holds an immense amount of Natural Landscape Values that are Unique to the Mackenzie Basin. Our 4WD Scenic Tours on this station will allow you to experience the outstanding array of stunning landscapes and natural features, unique to the Mackenzie Basin itself.

The Cass Valley is situated on the western side of Lake Tekapo, offering a world of Natural wonder and beauty. Access to this stunning alpine valley is solely through Glenmore Station. The Cass Valley Encompasses a large block of mountainous country, containing high inherent landscape values of The Mackenzie Country. The overall naturalness of the rocky steep scree slides, the U-shaped valleys carved by glaciation, waterfalls, glaciers, lateral moraines and tussock- clad terraces, overwhelm the senses and ignite the wonder of such a supremely stunning and unique landscape. The Cass Valleys braided river system and Delta is also a special environment for some of New Zealand’s most endangered nesting birds such as The Black Stilt, The Wry Bill, The Black Fronted Turn, The Banded Dotterel, The Black Billed Gull and the Oyster Catcher.

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