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Our Scenic 4WD Tours offer you the opportunity to experience The Outstanding Natural Landscapes of The Mackenzie Country, accessed through private High Country Stations surrounding Lake Tekapo.

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Supporting the unique Mackenzie Basin’s environment

Working within one of New Zealand’s most legendary and unique fragile environments, we as a commercial operator take great pride in ensuring our activities within The Mackenzie Country are executed with great care and respect for the natural world around us.

Our Environmental Commitment

Tekapo Adventures commits to educating and connecting people to the Outstanding Natural Landscapes Of The Mackenzie Country, while operating with the utmost respect and care for such unique areas of the world. In doing so, we aspire to inspire people to protect and develop a deep respect to the natural world they travel and live in. We believe this starts first and foremost with education and passion, which is found on our tours.


Our scenic tours offer guests an educational experience of the Outstanding Natural Landscape features and ecology that make up the largest intermontane basin within New Zealand. By teaching guests about the unique geological processes, landscapes features, diversity and fragility of the Mackenzie Country, we connect people to a greater understanding of the environment and the cruciality of protecting such special places in the World. By connecting people through hard to access wilderness areas, we are essentially offering people an experience where they may be inspired and prompted to think differently about their efforts or lack thereof in association with the natural world.

Predator Control

Our company works with local station owners to help eradicate numerous exotic pests such as stoats, rats , hedgehogs and possums. The braided river valleys of the High Country offer an ideal nesting environment for endangered wading birds such as the Wryebill, Banded Dotterels, Black Stilts & Black Fronted Terns which are vulnerable to these predators. Traps are set within strategic areas along our routes where we can check and resupply with bait when needed. Some of these traps are set higher in alpine environments and are only accessed by foot.

Wilding Pine Control

The Mackenzie Basin has an increasing issue with wilding pines, as seeds are wind dispersed throughout the natural landscapes. Our team helps by spending days cutting down new sprouting pines along our routes and private High Country Stations that we work closely with. Guests are also encouraged to chop a wildling pine with us on our tours.

Panoramic image of tussock covered mountains in the Mackenzie Country

Leave No Trace

Our tours ranging from 1.5 hours to multi day backcountry excursions are conducted with a pack in and pack out philosophy. We may take many photographs with us, but whatever we bring in we also pack out with us to be recycled or disposed on appropriately. 

Fuel Efficient 4WD Vehicles

Our carefully selected fleet of legendary Land Rover Defender vehicles offer an authentic experience in the Mackenzie High Country, while also being very  fuel efficient, small & lightweight. Our 4WD Tours abide by the 4WD Care Code on River Beds and are also travelling on existing formed trails throughout the backcountry wilderness, so we leave no visual scars on the fragile landscapes we travel through. Routes are chosen depending on the time of year and terrain fragility, to best minimize our impact.

Looking down off a hillside into a river valley with mountains in the background, in New Zealand's Mackenzie Country
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