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Our Scenic 4WD Tours offer you the opportunity to experience The Outstanding Natural Landscapes of The Mackenzie Country, accessed through private High Country Stations surrounding Lake Tekapo.

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Hiking Experience & Fitness Levels

The Mackenzie Alpine Hiking Tour offers hikers a wilderness hiking experience, where there are no groomed trails .Your guides follow a wonderful route between the huts, which offers a more natural ease of footing within the backcountry terrain and landscapes.

The terrain in this incredible part of the Mackenzie Backcountry is a mix of gravel river bed, golden tussock grasslands, rocky scree and uneven surfaces.

You will be hiking through rougher terrain that requires more of a sure footed hiker.



Hiking Experience

Please rate yourself from level 1- 5 with 5 being the most

LEVEL 1 – Newbie

  • I am a beginner hike, I don’t hike that much.


LEVEL 2 – Beginner

  • I like to hike on occasion, day hikes from 1-2 hrs max on smooth even flat terrain.


LEVEL 3 – Intermediate

  • I like to take day hikes over 3 hrs and am comfortable with going uphill with some good cardio output.


LEVEL 4 – Strong

  • I enjoy harder hikes, with steep ascents and descents, I am comfortable on uneven terrain. I am ok to carry weight in my pack and have done some backpacking or am keen to get into it.


LEVEL 5 – Advanced

  • I am an avid hiker/ tramper and am comfortable carrying a backpack with weight. I am very capable on uneven terrain and look for a great challenge or like to summit peaks.


Fitness Level 1-5

Please also check our AM I FIT ENOUGH page, and please rate your level of fitness from 1-5 with 5 being super fit.


  • I am a couch potato.



  • I would like to be in shape, I go to the gym 1 x per week and walk on occasion.



  • I am in good shape, I enjoy good cardio workouts or bikes and hikes that get my heart pumping.



  • I am fit and exercises if part of my almost daily routine, good cardio output and enjoy a good challenge.



  • I am a fitness freak

Scenic 4WD Tours Terms & Conditions

Please take a moment to read our Scenic 4WD Tours Terms & Conditions as well.

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