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Our Scenic 4WD Tours offer you the opportunity to experience The Outstanding Natural Landscapes of The Mackenzie Country, accessed through private High Country Stations surrounding Lake Tekapo.

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Tekapo New Zealand

Tekapo New Zealand explore beyond the crowds

Tekapo New Zealand

Tekapo New Zealand explore beyond the crowds

Tekapo New Zealand

Tekapo New Zealand delivers breathtaking scenery. Imagine what lies beyond the most visited shores in the South Island.

Tekapo New Zealand is one of the most visited tourist areas in the South Island. Majestic snow-capped mountains reflected across deep blue hues encompass the shores of Lake Tekapo. An incredible sight strikes travelers as they enter the township of Lake Tekapo for the first time. If you’re someone who appreciates nature as we do, it’s even breathtaking the 100th time. Another striking sight when visiting Tekapo is the horde of tour buses, people, and selfie sticks. All are fighting to get the same photo. The coveted sight is Tekapo’s lakeshore with the snowy peaks in the distance. Of course, you’ve got to take this iconic shot. But let’s be honest, I think we can all agree that everyone likes to get away from the crowds. Come with us to explore the very essence of what makes this area so special.



Tekapo New Zealand

The reality is some of Tekapo New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery is found within the Mackenzie Country

Imagination conjures the wild and grandiose. We all have an idea of what New Zealand stands for in terms of its pureness and natural beauty. Tekapo New Zealand and the Mackenzie Country offer the reality of what people imagine for New Zealand’s most beautiful landscapes. But, it’s not just about glacial-fed lakes, starry night skies, and an iconic stone church. The area’s natural beauty reaches far beyond the circumference of the lakeshore. For instance, it flows deep from its high country headwaters braided river valleys, golden tussock covered hills and towering mountain peaks. To fully experience this place, means to go beyond the hustle and bustle to the wild side.

Tekapo Adventures offers people the chance to explore the heart of The Mackenzie’s outstanding natural landscapes, far away from the business and crowds of people, and into the depths of some of New Zealand’s most impressive and unforgettable scenery.


Tekapo New Zealand


People want to experience the authentic, travel is about exploring the heart and soul of a place.

Heavily populated places take away from the natural wonder of the surrounding landscapes. In fact, New Zealand is largely experienced by the usual stop-offs and picture taking at popular views. These offer the same scenery that everyone captures. At Tekapo Adventures, we believe there is a thirst for experiencing the heart of New Zealand’s beauty. That is why we travel beyond the crowds and into the depths of wonder and magnificence.

Travel for us means venturing where no one else is, away from the “noise” of it all and into the depths of what makes an area so special. By having exclusive access to some of The Mackenzie’s most beautiful High Country Sheep Stations, we offer travelers a unique experience to explore scenery and viewpoints they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see on their own. Consequently, our tours deliver a slice of authentic New Zealand High Country, where people can connect with the true nature of the Mackenzie Basin.

Explore breathtaking scenery and private high country you can’t get to on your own in Tekapo New Zealand.

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Our Scenic 4WD tours venture into the Mackenzie backcountry, offering people a chance to feel the landscapes around them. A day out in the High Country with us delivers some of the best scenery in New Zealand, while also learning about the rawness and hardships of what makes The Mackenzie Basin so unique and special. Your tour guide helps you connect to the environment you are experiencing. You will hear stories about the High Country, its farmers and their livelihoods. You’ll hear how they deal with the harsh conditions of New Zealand’s southern alps. A photograph means so much more when you have the story behind it.

It’s quite amazing how caught up visitors get capturing Tekapo New Zealand with photos of the same view. As a result, they believe they’ve experienced it. But to fully experience Lake Tekapo, you must venture beyond the beaten path. Explore the heart and soul of the Mackenzie backcountry with us. In the end, you’ll have a story to tell along with those unique photos of New Zealand’s most outstanding natural landscapes.


Hiking Mackensie Basin


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