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Our Scenic 4WD Tours offer you the opportunity to experience The Outstanding Natural Landscapes of The Mackenzie Country, accessed through private High Country Stations surrounding Lake Tekapo.

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What’s the Weather Like?

New Zealand weather is 4 seasons in one day, and we mean it!

No matter the season here, we want to ensure our guests are equipped for all weather conditions. The Mackenzie backcountry is a very exposed area, with limited tree cover.

The days can be extremely hot in the sun, and cold at night. The area is very exposed, and wind can also play a factor, which can make for cold days. 

Average temperatures can range from 10C – 30C in the day time, and 0 –  -8 C at night. 

We have created our Gear List very specifically to the terrain and weather with the elements of The Mackenzie Country a key factor. Please follow the list appropriately, your guides will be doing a gear check on Day 0 in the pre trip briefing.

It is advised to contact us prior to departure should you be unsure or in need of any extra gear. We have extra gear for hire, should you require. 


The Mackenzie Basin is New Zealand’s largest intermontane basin, an area of land bordered by mountain ranges. What happens is the Mackenzie Basin is often protected from the adverse weather systems that slam into the mountains from either side, and it creates a protected area whereby we miss out on a lot of the bad weather. 

However, Instead the area gets slammed with super high winds that come from a Westerly. The winds can get up to 150Kms an hour in exposed places. It creates a semi-desert like landscape,  which can get extremely hot and dry temperatures in the summer season.

There is also a lack of tree cover, so it can get very sunny and hot at certain times of the year (December – March)

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